Creating Best-Fit Solutions

More than ever, large energy users want to source clean, efficient energy, whether to save money, increase operational reliability, or meet the challenges of climate change. However, the energy project finance market can be confusing and inefficient. Miriam is passionate about finding the best fit between capital and projects, whether through established vehicles or new ones she creates. 

Grounded in Independence & Ethics

Advisor incentives can prevent clients from receiving the best, most tailored solutions for their needs. Miriam seeks out the most ethical, straightforward, and fairly-priced approaches, using her vast network and expertise to offer solutions and recommendations that bring the most value to her clients.

Mitigating Risk Throughout the Process

Sophisticated investors will always assess risks, including customer credit, collateral, and operational risks, and seek transaction structures that protect their investments. Miriam develops transactions that are attractive to investors, address real market needs, and open pathways to getting projects done.



Before launching her own consulting firm, Miriam held several positions executing highly specialized investment structures for renewable generation, energy conservation, and real estate transactions. She also worked for two large investment banks and renewable energy developers, giving her a unique combination of experiences and insights into what makes certain structures fit with certain asset types, end users, and investors. Recognizing that energy users and investors needed a reliable source of well-informed and unbiased advice, Miriam established her consulting firm in 2014 to serve that need and her clients’ best interests.


Today, she works with major energy users, investors, project developers, and utilities, guiding her clients to economically and strategically valuable solutions. Her advice is grounded in a thorough understanding of each client’s goals, constraints, and opportunities, as well as Miriam’s deep knowledge of current trends, opportunities, and players in the energy finance market.  Beyond her industry and financial expertise, Miriam effectively communicates complex energy finance concepts to non-energy executives, including elected/appointed officials, CFOs and other C-suite leaders. She speaks to audiences large and small throughout the country.


Miriam holds a BA in political science with a focus on urban public policy from Stanford University, and an MBA in finance and real estate from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.



Miriam serves organizations across public and private sectors, including:

Public and Private Colleges and Universities

Real Estate Owners, Operators, and Investors






(Investor-Owned, Municipal, and Cooperative)

States, Cities, and other Units of Government


Energy Project Developers (Solar, Wind, Efficiency, Storage, etc. )



Miriam’s extensive Transaction Structure knowledge includes:

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Municipal Bonds & Municipal Leases


Pre-Pay Power Purchase Agreement (Pre-Pay PPA)

Capital Leases

Shared Savings Agreements

Energy Service Agreement

(efficiency, storage, demand response)

Private Equity

Emerging Structures



Contact Miriam about scheduling a consultation.

Introductory Consultation

This 60 to 90-minute session provides an opportunity to work with Miriam to help you gain clarity, define what’s at stake, or move forward in addressing your specific challenge or goal. Miriam will provide an optional pre-consultation questionnaire to identify key challenges, resources, and constraints prior to the session so that you are both prepared to use the time to make progress toward a strategically-important objective.


In an Introductory Consultation, Miriam can help you:

  • develop a high-level strategy for financing an energy project;

  • discover quick indicators of commercial viability for a new product, service, or financing offering;

  • address feedback from customers or stakeholders regarding obstacles to implementing energy projects;

  • determine how to hit a clean energy or sustainability target in a fiscally-responsible manner;

  • connect with highly recommended and trusted financiers, engineers, marketing professionals, energy modeling experts, or other services and programs to support your needs.

50% of introductory service fees will be applied toward project and retainer fees contracted within 30 days.


For projects that require more than a day, Miriam offers customized engagements to work independently or with your team to plan and execute successfully. Engagements can last weeks or months.

Long-term projects might include:

  • surveying your organization for energy financing needs;

  • recommending financing vehicles, procurement methodologies, and organizational improvements that will expedite implementation of energy projects;

  • bridging a communication or knowledge gap between operational staff (facilities, sustainability, energy) and finance staff (budget, capital markets, accounting);

  • developing a new energy finance offering for an investor, utility, or energy market participant;

  • building a commercialization strategy for a new technology or product in the sustainability or clean energy field;

  • establishing energy efficiency financial benchmarks for real estate owners;

  • creating double-bottom-line metrics for impact investors;

  • training lenders, investors, and other audiences in energy finance.

Miriam leads research, prototyping, feedback generation, solution design, and any final presentations. When appropriate, Miriam brings in associate consultants to provide additional expertise.

Retained Advisory

Miriam is available to advise your executive team and Board of Directors on an ongoing basis, as well as to lead strategic initiatives in a CFO or interim CFO capacity.

With a three-month minimum engagement, Miriam will design an advisory package for your organization that may include:

  • project launch and management;

  • introductions to industry connections;

  • partnering with trusted experts in engineering, design, marketing, and specific financing vehicles;

  • training, case study analysis, and financial guidance on clean energy investments;

  • speaking and presenting at company meetings or events, on-site or off-site;

  • facilitating executive workshops or retreats;

  • coaching for senior leadership, especially on creating buy-in across functional areas such as sustainability, operations, and finance;

  • ongoing consultation calls to:

    • provide feedback on business opportunities

    • perform diligence checks on potential transaction counterparties

    • make recommendations for partners, clients, and vendors

    • perform credit risk analysis

    • offer negotiation support on rates/terms, structuring, etc.

Contact Miriam about customizing a project or advisory package for your organization’s needs and priorities.




Miriam’s solutions and approach are real, practical, and actionable.  


A difficult or complex problem is no match for Miriam’s combination of experience and innovative approaches.


Miriam combines multi-industry expertise with fresh ideas, a curious mind, and a healthy dose of humor.



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